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From ingenium (“an engine”), from Latin in (“in”) + gignō, gignere (“to produce, cause”).

Ingenieur have been machining complex, critical components in hard, soft and exotic materials for the aerospace, defence, photonics, and oil & gas industries for over 30 years. Formerly known as G&H Precision Engineering, we have earned an enviable reputation as a vital supply chain partner to an extensive portfolio of blue chip customers, both locally and internationally.

From our bespoke 12,000 sq/ft facility in the South of England, just 5 minutes from the M3 Motorway, we are able to offer our customers unparalleled quality and levels of service working to tight tolerances and schedules

We are a dynamic company based on the skills and knowledge of a highly-experienced management team who will work tirelessly and flexibly to develop creative and reliable partnerships with our clients. We are also part of the CTN Group, a diverse group of manufacturing sites with complementary machining capabilities across Hampshire, Kent and Cambridgeshire.